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Big Book of Cupcakes

Big Book of Cupcakes by Jan Moon

Some trendsetters say that pie is the new cupcake but I’m not so convinced.

Southern Living has published the most mouth-watering book on cupcakes to date.   Now I don’t bake but if I did it would be a mind blowing cupcake that pops off these astoundingly photogenic  pages.

The book, written by Jan …


Cheez Whiz

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Frankie and Deb Santos of Frankie’s Cheesesteaks with help from Albert Hall of Acacia Real Food made history on Saturday at the UA Mall:

World Record: Longest Cheesesteak – 426 feet

There were:

  • 5 grills,
  • 80 8-foot-tables,
  • one continuous length of bread,
  • 100 pounds of Cheez Whiz, and
  • 400 pounds of Certified Angus Beef!

The baker of …


Summer Vegetable Garden

Image by di_the_huntress via Flickr

Eating ethically. Now there’s an idea that I try to embrace.

Some suggestions to eat more ethnically include (not surprisingly) eating less meat and growing your own vegetables.

Other suggestions are

  • stop eating fast food
  • head to the local farmers markets
  • eat organic products
  • stop eating foods that require slave labor to pick and process

Matt Russell live!

I was a co-host today for On the Menu Live! with host Matt Russell. Click on the above link and listen to the show!

What a blast!

I think I have a real knack for radio.

The dude in the  photo is Matt Russell and for people reading this who don’t live in Tucson, those beautiful mountains …


The recently restored Fox Theater is in downto...
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Tucson: The Science of Healing

PBS Special Reveals How the Brain Helps Us Heal, Emotionally and Physically

from the press release

Tucson, AZ — Dr. Gulshan and Neelam Sethi and the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona will present a special screening of the The Science of Healing with Dr Esther Sternberg at the …


mignon´s in different colours.
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This delicious food documentary of sorts is a mouth watering treat. The French are known for their pastry and even have an event that much resembles the Olympics called MOF – Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Paul Bocuse is a MOF.

Pastry chefs are invited to come and create a variety of meticulous architecturally designed pastries that resemble …


Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw Poland (Logo)
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Can you stand the heat?

Working in a restaurant is demanding, back-breaking work.

But “working in a restaurant” on reality food TV for a ranting and raving arrogant S.O.B. is only for the young and very ambitious.

If you think you can handle jumping into that frying pan — then go to this casting call:

Fox’s Hell’s


organic Heirloom tomatoes at Slow Food Nation'...
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Arizona Food Events: Slow Food USA National Work Day – September 25

Slow Food Tucson
Saturday, September 25, 9 am – noon

Can you dig it? Help harvest produce from the Community Food Bank’s Marana Heritage Farm at 12375 N. Heritage Park Dr. off of the Tangerine exit on I-10. Contact Sarah Davis – sdavis@slowfoodtucson.org for questions …


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