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Wow! The Super Bowl is ranked as the number two food consumption event of the year; second only to Thanksgiving.

So what’s on the menu?

–90 million pounds of wings

–4.3 million pounds of pretzels

–11.2 million pounds of potato chips

–8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips with 71.4 million pounds of guacamole

–3.8 million pounds of …


National Hot Sauce Day

Who you calling hot stuff?

If you’re spicy like me, when you walk into a BBQ joint or a breakfast joint, you casually peruse the counter where the lineup of hot sauces reside.

What is it about the pain and the pleasure of hot sauce that is so enticing?

All hail to capsicum. Hot sauce has been around since 1870 …


Gift for the sweet tooth

Gift for the sweet tooth

Don’t panic! Check out these last minute DIY food gifts, some are a bit more kitschy than others but hey, that’s what you get when you procrastinate…

Thanks to the culinary team at Chef Works, the world’s leading supplier of culinary apparel for professional chefs and home cooks alike, for developing the following “how-to” for …


What's your Thanksgiving tradition?

What’s your Thanksgiving tradition?

“On Thanksgiving Day, all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment — halftime.” ~author unknown

I found this article in the New York Times fascinating. They provided 50 dishes with recipes from the 50 states + DC and Puerto Rico…the United States of Thanksgiving. Let’s see.

I grew up in Ohio…OMG…English Peas …


Kingfisher Bar & Grill

Oysterfest – November 8

The generosity of Kingfisher and Bluefin‘s chef/owners Jim “Murph” Murphy and Jeff Azersky continue to amaze me. I love their altruism.

from the press release

Tucson, Ariz– Philanthropy never tasted so good! Each fall, Chef/owners Jim “Murph” Murphy and Jeff Azersky kick off the season with a donation to the Community Food Bank from the …


Vero Amore + Twisted Tandoor

Indian pizza – great taste sensation

Here’s what’s on the menu? Indian pizza, BYOP, Pieology

Back by Popular Demand
Vero Amore and The Twisted Tandoor are teaming up again to offer one of the world’s newest taste sensations — the Indian Pizza!

Circle of Food and friends went last month and we’re going back. These flavor combinations are positively addicting.…


Drink me

Creative tequila drinks

Circle of Food can think of many ways to celebrate. If you’re in Tucson, here’s one idea:

Blanco Tacos + Tequilas is celebrating but not just for a day, let’s live it up taco-wise from October 4 through October 10.

Chef Eddie Coronado is featuring a Chipotle Chicken Taco. Blanco’s chipotle marinated chicken is lovingly braised with …


The perfect omelet defines a great chef

The perfect omelet defines a great chef

Talk about connections. Just say you’re Oprah Winfrey and you read a book that you love (The Hundred Foot Journey) by author Richard C. Morais. Then call up your friend Steve Spielberg and ask him to make this book into a movie.

The story is about an immigrant Indian family (with …


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