'Valentines Day'

Win dinner for 2 at North Italia Tucson

So how did you meet?

Every restaurant worth its finishing salts will be having some kind of Valentine’s Day Night extravaganza and hopefully you already made a reservation because there’s nothing worse than dining at 4:30 or 10:30 unless of course, you work until 10 PM. Acacia offers two nights of romantic dinners so if you cannot get a good …



Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day

Thought by many to be a wonderful day of expressing our love for others in various public and private ways. Thought by others to be a trumped-up excuse by the candy and card manufacturers to bilk out a little more money between the Christmas holidays and Easter. I’ll never forget the time my economics professor …


Written in the Stars

The Zodiac Cocktail

Destiny? Fate? An excuse for every human foible?

That, my friends, are just some of the things folks find when they gaze up at the night sky.

Me? I have perhaps more than the average interest in astrology but I take it, like most things, with a few grains of salt and a whole lot of common sense.

(And, no, …


hearts aplenty in February

hearts aplenty in February (Photo credit: Esther17)

Get a 4-star hotel room, wine & chocolates (2 events), cooking lessons, pop the question

Feb. 14 – Get a 4-star hotel room
Forget dining out altogether and get a  hotel room with room service at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. Now we’re talking…Available only on Tuesday, February 14, the “Room for Two” overnight …


I love being a food writer for many reasons; one of them being that people send me things for my “inspection.”  After checking things out, I pass the items on either donating them to charity or giving them to someone I know will make good use of them.  Such is the case with the second bake book I received from …


Cake on Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Today is a very special day where you can show your loved one how much you care! Some people make it a big deal, others don’t.

For my boyfriend and I, we usually go out to dinner and give each other gifts. But this year, it was different. We both decided ahead of …


They say (whoever they are) that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Despite the anatomical argument against it, it very well could be true. Cupid knows the first, second and future dates I’ve procured due to the promise of my culinary skills.

With today being Valentine’s Day, the most loving of holidays (at least according to …


Courtesy of Fresh Home mag

Dark Chocolate-Chili Fondue
Prep/Total Time: 20 min. Yield:1-2/3 cup

Tasty turn-ons: Dark chocolate, chili and cayenne peppers, cinnamon, vanilla, bananas, strawberries, cherries

What’s better than dark chocolate? Melted dark chocolate spiked with warm spices. The possibilities are endless as you dip bananas, berries and cherries, among other imaginative delights.

1                     dark chocolate candy bars (3-1/2 …


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