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English: Teriyaki-like marinade for chicken th...

English: Teriyaki-like marinade for chicken thighs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marinating meat is a popular and relatively cheap way to spice up any dish.  The technique has been in use for many thousands of years.  It has often been used as a way to preserve as well as tenderise meat in the pre-refrigeration era (most of human history).  This is probably …


A Summer Soup

Chowders are usually heavy soups perfect for cold, winter months to warm you up when the weather is frightful.

Corn Chowder

This chowder, though, is light, a little sweet, and full of summer vegetables. I served it as part of my book launch tasting menu this weekend and it was perfect for a rainy, summer day spent in a bookstore. The leftovers …


Redskin Potato Salad from What to Feed Your Raiding Party

The temperature is rising and the sunny days of Summer are just bursting with cookouts, pot-lucks and pool parties. A creamy potato salad is great for these get-togethers because it can be made up to 2 days ahead and the flavor actually improves as it sits!

Frequently, a potato salad either features an oil-and-vinegar dressing or a mayonnaise-based dressing. My …


I love being a food writer for many reasons; one of them being that people send me things for my “inspection.”  After checking things out, I pass the items on either donating them to charity or giving them to someone I know will make good use of them.  Such is the case with the second bake book I received from …


Green tea leaves, from a small teabag
Image via Wikipedia

June is National Iced Tea Month. Here are some fun facts about iced tea, courtesy of Honest Tea:

•         As of June 1, iced tea turned 106 years-old (what’s old is new again)

•         80 percent of the tea served around the world is iced tea

•         Studies show that drinking tea is a good …


The Bing cherry owes its development to the Ch...
Image via Wikipedia

The California cherry folks sent me an easy recipe for Bing cherry pie. I am drooling. Even ~ I ~ cook make this pie and I don’t bake. The only caveat is when it’s cherry season, I don’t turn my oven on because it makes the house too hot and makes the air conditioner work harder.

Oh, …


Chicken Skewers
Image by futureshape via Flickr

This recipe sounds amazing! I just got it from a friend, but it would be nice to try for the memorial day weekend. Chicken is relatively cheap and it is easy to make  a lot of it for your party because you just put it on the grill on skewers.


-1 cup pineapple juice…


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