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Olive oil with Balsamic Vinegar

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As I mentioned in my last post, I love getting food in the mail. These days all it takes is a couple of clicks and in a few days there is a package filled with goodies at your door.

I’ve ordered mail food for years but recently I’ve become a regular at several great food websites.

One …


Last Friday, my team I work with at Goodyear took me out to lunch to congratulate me on the job and to get to know everyone. We went to a restaurant in Akron, OH close to headquarters called Azteca. I am very familiar with the restaurants in Akron, but I had never been here so I was excited to try …


Honest Ade is from the people who bring us Honest Tea.

Honest Ade is zero calories – a classic lemonade — an organic thirst quencher according to the label.

Here’s an honest opinion about Honest Ade — it was too sweet for me. I like my lemonade to be a tad more pucker-ish. I like to drink the bite of …


Sundrop Logo

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This is by far my favorite commercial on TV right now. I don’t know if any of you have seen the commercial, but it is for a new type of pop called Sun Drop (looks similar to Mountain Dew). This commercial features a younger white woman who immediately starts breaking it down once she opens the pop. …


chipotle mexican grill, ne broadway, portland

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I usually try to avoid eating fast food because I do not like to waste my money and I think it is very unhealthy. Since Chipotle is owned by McDonald’s, I group it in with fast food.

It’s not that I don’t like Chipotle, but it’s just that if I am going to eat out, …


Special K Multigrain Oats & Honey Cereal

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I am going to try the Special K Challenge for the 2 week period and see what happens. If you follow this plan correctly, you are supposed to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I am curious to see if this works because I have heard mixed responses about it, but we will see.



Spirit pushback

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I recently mentioned in earlier posts that I went on a trip to West Palm Beach last week. It was for my college spring break and I was meeting two of my friends down there that go to a different college than me. Since I was meeting them, I took a flight by myself. Spirit …


Cabo Flats

West Palm Beach as seen from a helicopter

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Last week, I was in West Palm Beach for Spring Break. It was a great trip and a lot of fun. I had never been there before, so I was excited to travel around and I was lucky enough to do a lot while on vacation. One of the days we were there, we went to Downtown


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