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These past couple of years were certainly the years for food recalls. We’re also seeing the same so far this year. It seems hardly a day goes by when the FDA announces the latest food recall.

Sometimes the food recall is nationwide. Sometimes the most recent food recall is regional,  so if you live in California and the latest food recall is in Boston, most likely it doesn’t affect you but could affect family and friends in faraway places.

Numerous food recalls and dog food recalls have transpired without much damage; but we also keep in mind that deaths can and do sometimes result, and sometimes it’s the lives of many beloved pets. It’s also a costly proposition given food poisoning can cause hospitalization, loss work, and overall loss of confidence in our food supply to  various degrees.

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For example, do you remember these past food recalls?

Peanut Butter Recalls?

Infant Milk/Melamine recalls?

Ground beef recalls?

Cheese recalls?

Jeno’s pizza and Totino’s pizza recall?

Green bean food recall?

Italian basil recall?

Dried apricot recall?

Flavored water recall?

Costco chicken tai recall?

You name it and there has probably been a food recall for it. Scary! Who’s minding the store and why are there so many FDA recalls for food? Not only is there lead in our toys but in 08 lead was found in Mexican candy distributed in some states.

Some things to keep in mind regarding recalls:

A food recall may be caused by improper food labeling. For instance, a more common occurrence might be when baked goods have tree nuts in them but it’s not on the food label. People with food allergies to nuts could have serious reactions or die. The same food labeling problems may result from undeclared milk, soy, and eggs -serious allergens.

Food recalls may hold dire consequences as food bacteria and food poisoning particularly affect pregnant and nursing women, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

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