gnocchi at vegaliciousNever before in the history of eating has there been so much emphasis placed on eating healthy foods and eating organic. Yet, with an obesity epidemic that starts in grade school, and continues on until death to do us part, the the US – the richest nation in the world is also the most overweight.
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The good news? Some cities are doing their part to encourage a healthy lifestyle and food. We introduce you to 20 cities that Cooking Light say encourage healthy foods and lifestyles.

What’s our take on healthy food choices? First of all, we don’t believe for a minute that thin equates to health. Moderate and slightly overweight people can still eat healthy and be healthy. Secondly, we’re not going to lecture on losing weight as we three sassy women have our weight hiccups too. And we enjoy our certified angus beef and carbohydrate foods as well as the next guy.

You want to diet, we give you many choices. You crave carbs (we do too) so we offer a menu of complex carbohydrates that controls hunger instead of magnifying it. Ever hear of the zone diet? Let’s start embracing those vegetables and fruits, nature’s way of feeding us the vitamins and minerals that we need. An apple a day will most likely keep the doctor at bay along with a banana and half a grapefruit.

Organically grown food

It had to happen. While poorer, less industrialized countries have been using organic growing methods for years – the United States has made progress (sic) through chemicals and cancer-causing pesticides. As the tide turns to eating more healthy and bringing more awareness to the air we breathe and the water we drink, eating organically and making organic food choices is naturally a step in the right direction – along with a fair wage for farmers, sustainable living, and saving the earth for our children and our children’s children.

Eating vegetarian and/or vegan may be a lifestyle choice based on personal philosophy or health. The most frequently asked question from us carnivores to vegetarians and vegans is what do you do for protein? Let’s explore the benefits and challenges of a vegetarian and/or vegan diet.

Are there any nutritionists, holistic and mainstream, or devoted vegetarians and vegans who would like to be a guest blogger and show us the way? If so – contact us!

Dancing with herbs for healthy eating

Herbs have long been used for medicinal uses, but only in the past century have we used herbs to enhance the flavor of our food and suggest their rewards as part of healthy eating. Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, (famous Simon and Garfunkel lyrics come to mind); tumeric, curry, and cumin makes us yearn for savory Indian food; the simplicity of fresh basil sprinkled over a ripe slice of tomato and mozzarella cheese drizzled with olive perks our appetite; a few springs of bruised mint in a pitcher of lemonade enlivens every day citrus. And then there’s the king of herbs extraterrestrial garlic it even has its own food festival.  Throughout Circle of Food you’ll find tasty commentary on the joy of using herbs.

Eating healthy has never been easier and more satisfying!

We invite you to visit our Healthy Lifestyle FoodOrganic FoodLow Calorie/Diet Food sections where we explore them together.

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