Sassy women (like us) must have our accessories – whether it’s making a statement in the kitchen accessories or lots of bracelets dangling from our wrists.

Yet, we’re no June Cleaver. Poor June, she didn’t have a dishwasher; all she had was Wally and the Beaver who begrudgingly got roped into drying dishes by hand.  Can you imagine life without a dishwasher? Some la-dee-da custom homes today even have two dishwashers. We have even been in houses that have special dishwashers specially aligned for wine glasses only. Now that’s cause for some serious entertaining – and probably not with 99 cent wine glasses from Ikea.

How many cookware and kitchen accessories do you actually need? That depends on a few things:

  • Do you really cook or is it just there to impress the neighbors?
  • Just how much counter and cabinet space is available?
  • How deep is your apron pockets?

Required Kitchen Appliances and Cooking Accessories

iconiconBasic cookware and accessories today might include a cast iron frying pan; high quality pots and pans in a minimum of three different sizes; an electric can opener preferably hidden from view perhaps in the pantry, if you have one; a sleek toaster; espresso maker and coffee grinder or coffee maker, immersion blender (seasoned chefs cannot live without it!); roaster pan with rack; trusted corkscrew; a Microplane® for easy grating; KitchenAid mixer – but only if you’re really going to use it by doing the Martha Stewart-like thing and start baking; and blender that you can tuck away when not in use or a food processor, but all their capabilities don’t always overlap.

The Dream Kitchen and Accessories

If you’re into serious cooking and money is not a consideration and building your own dream kitchen from scratch, you might also consider the pot filler. Instead of walking over to the sink to fill the pot, the pot filler is a designer plumbing device that snakes out of the wall and is right near the cook top or oven.

More dream kitchen appliances and cooking accessories might include juicer, wine refrigerator either under the counter or stand alone, convection oven, coffee grinder, pasta maker, waffle maker, popcorn popper, toaster oven, a luxury ice maker or wine cellar, and electric grill just to name a few.

Cookware and kitchen accessories used to be all one color – white and then later yucky avocado green or dated gold. Now, there’s an explosion of hot and cool colors and polished stainless steel in the kitchen for a veritable dynamic rainbow to wet your aptitude and appetite.

Now – go program your brew master (if only programming the husband was so efficient) so when you step out of the shower, a perfect cup of coffee awaits! 

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