What’s your imbibing pleasure – coffee, tea or cocktails? We haven’t decided on our favorite yet either – but would like to share some thoughts on them.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Ah, the smell of coffee; it cannot be confused with anything else. Perhaps you have fond memories of that first cup of coffee? Coffee used to be simple before the explosion of coffee house culture and Starbucks. Whether you love or hate the rapidly growing coffee chain, you must admit that Starbucks have paved the way for coffee houses large and small to dot practically every nook and cranny of every neighborhood; even out in the middle of nowhere including a rather barren crossroads in the middle of Alaska.The simple act of making a good cup of coffee is no longer simple. Instead, coffee making is an exercise in modern chemistry, sophisticated coffee grinders and espresso makers, and sustainable geography.


Tea may be the oldest beverage (except for water) known to person-kind. As with most great inventions, tea was brewed by accident (or so the legend goes) when some leaves fell into water that had boiled for sanitary reasons and the healing brew was born. While tea consumption has reached epic proportions in most other parts of the world, tea’s popularity has been slower to grow in the United States. As coffee houses have flourished and also added premium teas to their beverage repertoire, tea houses make rarified appearances and cater to serious and budding tea drinkers.

Afternoon tea with petit sandwiches and scones frequently make appearances in the lobbies of elegant hotels and restaurants trying to capture the in between hour dollars. While business deals are rarely dealt around happy hours, civilized afternoon tea becomes a welcome respite for the refined.

One reason for tea to keep growing in popularity is its seemingly undisputable healthful benefits. Tea has been purported to increase metabolism, stave off cancer, supply anti-oxidants, depress the appetite, and cause an inexplicable sense of well being. Green tea, with it’s claims for cancer fighting anti-oxidents is also the rage right now. Who can argue with that?

If the Spirits Move You: Cocktails, Anyone?

Remember when you turned 21? Whether you call them spirits (which actually seems kind of old fashioned), cocktails, or hard liquor we as a culture find a fascination with cocktails, perhaps because initially we have to wait to drink legally. Also, movies and media have almost always glorified the thrill of alcoholic beverages. We’ll drink to that!

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