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Tucson Chinese Cultural Center

Get your mooncakes here

Circle of Food Blog is amazed at how much there is to look forward to food-and-drink-wise in Tucson over the next few weeks…

Mid Autumn Festival – Chinese Cultural Center
Sept 5 & 6

Enjoy an original dance drama called Zheng He in the Desert plus a variety of Chinese & African food will be …


Kraft Singles Food Recall

Food Recall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – NORTHFIELD, Ill. – August 29, 2014 – Kraft Foods Group is voluntarily recalling 7,691 cases of select varieties of regular Kraft American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product.

A supplier did not store an ingredient used in this product in accordance with Kraft’s temperature standards. While unlikely, this could create conditions that could lead to …


Whole Foods Market - Oracle Road

Whole Foods Market – Oracle Road

Wow! Circle of Food is really impressed with the new and improved Whole Foods Market at Casas Adobes Plaza. Not only is it bigger (from 16,000 square feet to 32,000 square feet); it’s also brighter (love the lighting), the wide aisles, and the potential for an extraordinary shopping experience.

This newly reopened location at



pizza with Indian toppings

at Plaza Palomino in Tucson

Circle of Food blog is loving this innovative idea. What’s not to love? What’s not to amore? There’s the fabulous hand-made artisan pizza at Vero Amore capped with Indian toppings from my favorite food truck — The Twisted Tandoor.

The result is Indian pizza !

It all happens for one day only (marked it …


Feast for the Greyhounds

Feast for the Greyhounds

Restaurant altruism in Tucson rocks my world.

August 19 – Greyhounds
Regular readers of this blog know that I have a love affair with RESCUED greyhounds. Unfortunately, the cruel sport of greyhound racing still exists in South Tucson. And these dogs need rescuing. Hence, fundraising to pay for the transition from track dog to couch potato …


Better than Groupon

Better than Groupon

I love this idea. Forget the Groupon and benefit a local Tucson charity instead. Nice going Nicole and Travis.

from the press release

Local Restaurateurs Launch Discount Coupon Program to Support Tucson Charities

August 1, 2014 (Tucson, AZ) — In celebration of its first anniversary, Saint House Island Bistro & Rum Bar has launched a new initiative …


Eat at Zivaz

Locally-owned and delicious

Poets Square Neighborhood in Midtown Tucson is fundraising so they can raise money for neighborhood signs identifying their ‘hood. So on Monday August 18, when you dine at the locally-owned Zivaz Mexican Bistro between the hours of 11 am to 8 pm, Zivaz will donate 15% of your meal back to PSNA sign project when you download


The next super food?

The next super food?

Kale seems to be the “it” super food these days. Kale appears grilled, in salads, soups, juices, chips, desserts, and everything in between.

Popeye used to eat his spinach (another hard sell). One has to wonder how he would feel about kale. Is any super hero running to devour this super food?

And just how long …


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