From farm to table

Janos promotes local farms

Wow! Two beloved Tucson restaurants will be closing its doors – Janos & J Bar.

I just got off the phone with Janos and the last day for both restaurants will be May 26.  Starting tonight, both restaurants will feature “greatest hits” of menu items.

So if these are indeed your favorite places — let your taste buds take a walk down memory lane.

As to why they are closing, according to Janos he has had an amicable 15 year relationship with Westin La Paloma and is ready to move on to new things. I admire Janos’ energy and creativity so much and know I will be at J Bar eating my favorite jerk pork dish with cranberry-habanero chutney. It’s what spicy culinary dreams are made of.

Janos is Tucson’s only James Beard Award winning chef to date.

Janos’ last cooking class at the Janos restaurant may still have some openings for this Saturday. Check it out!

Fortunately, his wonderful new restaurant Downtown Kitchen & Cocktails will remain open.  If you like calamari, Downtown Kitchen’s appetizer is among the best I’ve had locally.

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