the sister worth waiting for

Tequila, move over and make way for Bacanora!

What is bacanora?

Bacanora is an agave-derived liquor made in the Mexican state of Sonora. Its origins are pre-colonial. Bacanora is a rare, sublime wild Silvestre maguey agave spirit made in limited small batches, on the rustic family ranchero, just as it was prepared four centuries ago, in northern Sonora, Mexico.

Bacanora was illegal from 1915-1992 in Mexico and the United States. Bacanora is the the un-discovered third sister of the trinity: mezcal; tequila; and bacanora. As of February 2011, Cielo Rojo is the first premium bacanora  to be imported to the USA., from the Baviacora-Aconchi-Banamichi appellation of the Rio Sonora-Sierra Madre Mountain region.

Tasting notes: An herbaceous, sweet grassy true agave floral nose; creamy and buttery on the front, with a marvelous licorice; subtle notes of vanilla and spice, balanced with a complex sweetness. Silky on the tongue, with a genuinely smooth finish.

The hand-blown glass bottle is made from recycled glass with the label depicting the sacred rancho Tepua mountain.

In Tucson, you can find bacanora at Hacienda Del Sol. According to the importers, bacanora is being experimented with at Café Poca Cosa by Christopher Davilla and his sister; Janos’ Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails, Pasco Kitchen & Lounge, and The Hub just ordered it; and Jonathan Cork’s bartender Jeff Hughes just made a stand-out bacanora margarita. Also El Charro will be getting some. You can buy it at A.J.’s, Plaza Liquors, and The Rum Runner.

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