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So, as you all have probably heard.. Starbucks is coming out with a new logo in March of this year for their anniversary. What are my thoughts on the logo as a lover of Starbucks…? HORRIBLE

SO why do I hate it…. because I have been a Starbucks lover for many years and this new logo is too big of a change for me. Even in the company’s announcement article, they said it was going to be a shock for many people, but were excited for it anyways…

I would too be excited if they came out with something worthwhile and creative, but it is a simple downgrade of their current logo.

Basically, they first got rid of the green border that says Starbucks Coffee. By doing this, they said they wanted to separate the name from the logo. Ok, I get that…. Then, they decided to change the “mermaid” that’s black and white to green and white. EW! Overall, you are left with an over-sized part of the old logo in new colors… and to think they spent money on that

I do NOT like how the new logo looks and I think it is going to be a negative change just like with what happened to Gap’s logo. Only after a couple months, it was switched back and they wasted all that money designing a new one.

Hopefully Starbucks launch of the new logo is better than anticipated, but in my opinion it will not be.

If you want to go see what the new logo looks like, click here.

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