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So one of my friends has been working out and lost about 10 pounds this summer and looks great! But she still has some areas she thinks could be more toned so she’s starting a crazy diet in my opinion. This diet is called the HCG diet.

Basically, you do the diet for a period of 25 days. Each day, you eat basically the same thing, and you are suppose to loose 1 to 2 lbs. a DAY. That is a lot of weight loss fast.

For your daily food, you can only consume 500 calories and you have to eat what they tell you. I do not have the exact menu, but when I looked it at you can have coffee or tea for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you get 3 oz. of grilled chicken, a veggie and a fruit and one special cracker. You can have no dressing, oil, butter or anything extra. You can not drink pop, milk, juice or alcohol.

30 minutes before you eat, you have to take the HCG hormone drop and then wait to eat. The HCG drops are suppose to trick your body into thinking its pregnant and basically eat the fat on your body.

My friend that is on this diet heard about it from a friend who lost 50 lbs on it, but in my opinion it is NOT safe and it sounds unhealthy. Especially since you are so limited to what you eat.

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