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February 2010 – Abstinence Eating Plan – Go AEP!

In January, I gave up cheese.  Prior to January I would eat a lot of cheese – cheese in my scrambled eggs, cheese on my salad, cheese with an apple, cheese with nuts and wine. Cheese, cheese, say cheese.

In the end I lost 4 pounds. I thought I lost 5 pounds but I gained one pound back.  Still by not doing anything except giving up cheese — I lost 4 pounds. I’ll drink to that!

I probably gained a pound back because nearing the end of January, I decided to give up sugar for February and made sure that I got my sugars-worth.  One night I made myself an apple brown betty and ate the whole thing in two sittings. Then I ate a lemon bar for good measure. End of sugar.

I decided to go sugar free for February.

How sweet it’s not. No sugar!

This means – no desserts—pies, tarts, cookies, cake, brownies, cupcakes, crème brulee, candy, flan, etc. There shall be no fruit laced yogurt, no ice cream or frozen yogurt, no sugar, no brown sugar on my oatmeal, no sodas – diet or otherwise, no honey in my tea, no sugar free – Splenda or the likes and no low glycemic agave nectar, no alcohol drinks made with simple syrup or sugar rimmed, no coffee drinks sweetened with sugar, no hot chocolate, no sugary cereals, no mints, no lemonade, no donuts, no maple syrup…not that I ever eat half this stuff anyway. I’m sure I’ll come up with some other NOs during the month.

If I’m making pasta sauce and it calls for sugar to balance the acid, that’s okay. Pasta sauce is generally not thought of as sweet.

I can have wine, fresh fruit even dates and raisins which have natural sugar but not added sugar like dried cranberries or canned peaches in syrup. I can have dark chocolate 75 percent or higher dark chocolate.

I have a sweet tooth. Hush little sweet tooth don’t you cry. Momma’s going to make you roasted carrots.

Earlier this month, I had a bad cold for almost a week and I was drinking copious amounts of hot tea laced with Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, lemon, and honey. The sherry ran out but I continued to drink hot tea laced with lots of honey and lemon.  Every steaming mug was like a steaming liquid dessert.

Now I’m going cold turkey on honey.

As for cheese, I’m not going to buy any for the house but will be able to eat cheese in restaurants and at friends’ houses.

Today I went to the Cheesecake Factory and watched my friend eat a piece of cheesecake.

Fortunately, Feb. is a short month.

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