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Sometimes you don’t know you are in a rut until something new comes along.  I’m talking about the lemon garnish that everyone is serving with their water.  Boring!

Even beer producers are more creative.  Blue Moon serves an orange slice and Corona has a lime wedge.

If you are ready to be a little creative, try adding a slice of cucumber to your next glass of water.  The taste is ever so mild yet refreshing!

Don’t cut your cucumber slice too thick — it needs to be fairly thin to be aesthetically pleasing.  If you have a little more time, try being creative with the peel and using a vegetable peeler to create stripes before slicing.

I was served this variation a few weeks ago at a trendy restaurant in Louisville, KY on Bardstown Road – a happening place if you happen to like colorful neighborhoods with lots of funky shops.  It caught my attention and added to the enjoyment of my experience.  It’s all about experience and memories.

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