This was a series of emails shared by my friend Joy M. in Los Angeles about the cottage cheese recall (Knudsen) that does affect many brands. (permission granted to post)

I=Joy M.

I just hung up the phone with Kraft Corp. They’re sending me a $5.29 refund for cottage cheese I bought and ate and was recalled…not made in China, but made in a plant in N.Y…not supposed to be anything wrong with it…but it was spoiling early…&#%$

Dear Ms. Wenner,

I am looking for information on the Kraft web site about your recent recall of Knudsen Cottage Cheese  and I can’t find it.

As a consumer who ate 3/4 of a 32 oz carton of Knudsen’s Low Fat cottage cheese (dated 17 Aug 2007  09:35
TS2 Plant 06-245)  – bar code #49900 34702,

I want to know:

1. Why was the cottage cheese recalled and what was wrong with the product?
2. Which plant manufactured the cottage cheese that I ate?
3. Will the product make me sick or have long term health affects?
4. What is Kraft doing to solve the problem?
5. Why can’t I find any information on the recall or on any follow up on the Kraft web site?  If it is there, please send me the URL.

I have been eating Knudsen Cottage Cheese for over 55 years and up until this recall have enjoyed it over all others.  But now,  it is not to be found on any supermarket shelves (I checked Von’s and Albertson’s in Los Angeles),  and  I have serious concerns about ever eating it again.

I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.  Thank you so much.

Since writing the email to Kraft I have continued to investigate:

1. I called Von’s on National Blvd. where I purchased the cottage cheese. The store manager (Henry) said no one specified why it was recalled but he did say it was NOT a Class I  recall which (he said) is a “hold & freeze” type of recall, one in which there are ‘health concerns’.

2.  I called the Cheese & Dairy Corp. Offices of Kraft and they told me to call 1-800-323-0768  where I spoke with a customer service rep (Todd) who happened to be located in British Columbia.  He said the product was recalled due to excessive yeast in the product which caused it to spoil early. I asked if it was yeast that was added or yeast that occurs naturally and he couldn’t answer the question.

He said the recall was a quality issue, not a health issue.  I asked when the product would come back on the shelves and he did not know.

I asked if Kraft or mfg. plants that process foods for Kraft ever uses products or additives from foreign countries.  He assured me they do not but if they did, they would label the product or ingredient as such.

3.  I received a phone call from Kraft. Elisabeth Wenner forwarded my email to someone else in Consumer Relations in Illinois…and someone in Kraft found my telephone number…I’m in their system as a consumer waiting for a refund….. but anyway, this woman (Angela) called to
assure me it was a quality issue having to do with excessive yeast. She assured me they do not use ingredients from foreign countries.

When I asked WHY there is no information on any of their Web sites about this, she said they issue health-related recall information on their site, not quality recalls.

She said they are currently investigating the Tulare, Calif. plant which makes cottage cheese for the multitude of  states the recall affected.

I asked her to keep me informed about the situation; and when they will be putting good product on the shelves again.

I think Joy M. should be a private detective or quality control manager. Good work Joy!

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