Say Cheesecake

mmm, cheesecake

Originally uploaded by Scuzzi.

What is it about cheesecake that makes people reveal their sexiest fantasies or their most soulful wishes?
Five friends were sitting around a key lime cheesecake with forks and plates in hand. The conversation started innocently enough when Cleo said that after her first husband left, she defrosted a cheesecake and ate the whole thing while sitting in bed crying. We dutifully nodded our heads.
Then Toni chimed in saying that after good sex with her boyfriend, they often feed each other cheesecake. No one asked what they ate after bad sex or just okay sex.
Cheesecake is sexy in its creamy sensual goodness. It’s not exactly wholesome like apple pie or vanilla ice cream. Cheesecake is more like a secret passion to be shared with a few special people or nibbled alone on a porch while an evening breeze gently caresses.

Once at a huge restaurant show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, three friends and I were making our rounds tasting this and that. We had split up and at the end of the show found each other and all we could talk about was Cheesecake Momma. After sampling hundreds of foodstuff, the one vendor that stuck in our minds was one of the most perfect cheesecakes on the planet.

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