We’ve come a long way baby — except when it comes to the libations that we choose.  It seems that there are individuals, en mass, out there that care what others think about their preferred alcoholic drink. 

I was dismayed to read in a recent Wall Street Journal article that both women and men are still having drink issues — from women trying to “learn to like” scotch and water (I suppose so they be more like one of the boys) to some males avoiding any association with “girly drinks”.

Hellooooo.  What’s going on here?  What ever happened to individualism and the strength to stand up and be who you are with all your beautiful differences? Do we still have drink stereotypes?

My husband happens to like “girly drinks” and enjoys experimenting with different formulas.  In fact, he’s more creative than I am — an indirect result of his mother teaching him how to cook when he was younger.  A skill for which I am very thankful every day — especially when I’ve worked late and don’t feel like cooking myself.

Is it just me?  Am I the only one who wore red knee socks with big yellow polka dots in high school with my favorite black skirt?  Am I the only one who dared to talk with the person in special education that had hair so tangled that a comb couldn’t go through it?

I am not against being cool, but in my mind, being cool does not equate with being average and you are simply average if you go along with the crowd and don’t think for yourself. 

Come up with your own “sassy” way of dressing, drinking, and living. Root out those drink stereotypes and enjoy yourself. Start taking back control of your life and start thinking for yourself — doing the right thing for you — not trying to fit into the stereotypes that TV and magazines have defined for us. 

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