Show Me the USDA Prime Beef

Here’s some interesting facts about the meat we eat. While all meat sold in retail stores is inspected for wholesomeness, not all beef is graded.

Beef grades help predict the eating quality of beef and denote levels determined by the USDA Grading Service.

Certified Angus Beef cuts of beef grade as USDA Prime are the top 35 percent of USDA Choice (modest and moderate marbling), due to brand standards for flavor, juiciness, and tenderness. The beef must possess medium to fine marbling texture so every bite of Certified Angus Beef product is flavorful, tender and juicy.

Certified Angus Beef brand Prime is the most consistently pleasing U.S. beef available. In fact, less than 1 percent of beef is good enough to meet these stringent qualifications. To be branded as Certified Angus Beef brand Prime, beef must meet additional specifications not required of regular USDA Prime.

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