World Foods: Dim Sum – Better than a PuPu Platter

I lived, what I call my informative years in the dining melting pot of Los Angeles, with so many ethnic restaurants and neighborhoods that L.A. seemed to lose its own identity in this world market. Cruise down Olympic Blvd near Western Avenue and all the signage is in Korean and Korean BBQ rules. Head north […]

Food Humor: Kitchen Chaos – What’s in Your Refrigerator?

At the end of every month, I somehow feel that a milestone has passed and want to conquer some project whether it be big or small. I looked at my desk and almost fainted. Then I looked at my other desk neglected across the room and had a panic attack. Thinking that the refrigerator would […]

Junk Food: Why We Love Halloween Candy

You could either raid the kids’ Halloween candy or just buy your own secret stash of miniature candy bars. After all, it’s a tradition that your sweeth tooth has grown accustomed to every year in October. The down side of miniature candy bars is that you just can’t eat one or two and most likely […]