Author: Rita Connelly

Noah’s Pudding

My writing takes me to the most amazing places. The Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue – – invited me to be a judge at their Noah’s Pudding contest. I had never heard of Noah’s Pudding, also called Ashure. So I had to do a little research. Noah’s pudding gets its name from the dish Noah […]

Worldly Recipes with a Trader Joe’s touch

Imagine creating a cookbook with the idea of using products from Trader Joe’s Well, that’s exactly what Cherie Mercer Twohy has done.  And while TJ’s is not associated with the project, Twohy has done an admirable job of creating a full slate of international recipes using TJ’s items. Chapters include the expected stuff  like Italian, […]

Cake Pops. What a concept.

I love being a food writer for many reasons; one of them being that people send me things for my “inspection.”  After checking things out, I pass the items on either donating them to charity or giving them to someone I know will make good use of them.  Such is the case with the second […]

Little Pies; Big Tastes

Miniature desserts are all the rage these days, and with good reason. What better way to satisfy a sweet craving with the worry of overindulging? And so when the people at Ulysses Press sent me a copy of  “Mini Pies”,  I was intrigued. Written by Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth of Seattle’s Mini Empire Bakery, […]

OMG! A great guide for novice cooks.

Learning to cook can be a little intimidating even for a young foodie. But a new cookbook published by Tate Publishing  –  –  takes a little of the fear and trepidation out of the process. “OMG – Oh My Gosh! I’m In College and I Never Learned to Cook” is written by Hollis Ledbetter, […]

My oh my! That’s some pizza pie

Unlike the rest of the country when summer means grilling anything and everything,  in Tucson it’s just too darn hot to fire up the charcoal grill. So when I received several packets of Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast along with recipes for pizza on the grill I opted out of the grilling part and just make […]

Kringles – Sweet Treats from the heartland

I know sweets aren’t exactly what one thinks of when it come to food that’s good for you, but quality baked goods in moderation are good for the soul. I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, a city known for its bakeries, Danish bakeries to be specific. Sticky buns, kolaches, napoleons, breads all are a part […]

Who Stole the Cheese?

A while back one of my co-workers was selling catalogue items for her daughter’s school. It was a fundraiser and the catalogue had all sorts of stuff in it: knick knacks, greeting cards, candy and other food related items. Being the foodie that I am, I bought Paula Deen Collection Cheese Biscuit Mix. I love […]

Olive oil and other Italian goodies on line.

As I mentioned in my last post, I love getting food in the mail. These days all it takes is a couple of clicks and in a few days there is a package filled with goodies at your door. I’ve ordered mail food for years but recently I’ve become a regular at several great food […]

You’ve Got Mail!

I love getting food in the mail especially when I’m not expecting it. Last week I received a package from the folks at McCormick filled with a whole line of new products created for the barbecue season. The McCormick Grill Mates® and Lawry’s® offer a taste of American grilling at its finest.Included in the kit […]