Author: MacKnitty

MacKnitty- IT’S CSA DAY!!!

Yes, I know that you should not use all capitals or punctuate with more than one exclamation mark but how else should I mark the day that will go down in history for the Begay family? For months, since January when I learned about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) I would dream about the surprise of vegetables […]

MacKnitty- The Eggplant does not taste like eggs

Izzies first eggplant Farmer’s Market on Sunday yielded a nice spread including breakfast stirfry, dates, mint, beets, carrots, peaches, eggs, butter, bok choy ( I guess it’s actually said pak choy) and my big ticket item THE EGGPLANT. Every week I try to get one big ticket item that really identifies the season. Last week […]

MacKnitty’s Beet Radish?

I’ve been a little (a lot) absent from the blog recently due to AIMS testing and benchmark testing and DIBELS testing and testing…. blah..blah. It’s also the final days of school, 6 but who’s counting, the teachers would love to keep their kids year round and we often wonder why there are breaks in the […]

Another reason to say no to McDonalds A couple from Illinois was seriously injured when the golden arches of McDonalds fell on their car. This happened on my Navajo Reservation and thought it was of interest. MacKnitty

MacKnitty strolls the U of A Farmer’s Market

 Being a teacher is cool on many levels but one of my favorites are breaks when other people are working, like Spring Break ’09! I was able to check out The University of Arizona Farmer’s Market today, where I was pleasantly surprised. I am never sure about Farmer’s Markets, sometimes they are huge and sometimes […]

MacKnitty’s Family of Locavores: The Journey Begins

    Tucson has been my home for the past 12 years, a transplant from The Navajo Reservation. I have had my first daughter here and meet my husband here. After earning my B.A in Elementary Education from The University of Arizona, I worked as an educator specializing in 1st grade and Physical Education. In 2006, […]