Author: Karyn Zoldan

Do You Pass the “Great Cook” Test?

According to the TV chef, Gordon Ramsey, the sign of a great cook is their skill in making  scrambled eggs.  Do you scramble the eggs in a bowl before cooking in the pan?  You fail.  Do you put your salt in before you start cooking?  You fail. I failed his test too.  I didn’t know […]

Food Blog: Exotic Ice Cream in the Melting Pot

July was national ice cream month but if you ask me ice cream never goes out of style especially in these long hot summer months. While the 15 most popular flavors list vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan as the top 3 — a cosmic flavor list is on the menu in Los Angeles. L.A. is a […]

Food Packaging: Time in a Bottle

Like everything else, food packaging is a changing. With so many competing products on the shelf, how do you discern one product from another? Certainly some consumers may buy based on price or brand loyalty but as brands change their packaging, the previous familar product may get overlooked in the shuffle. Packaging changes for lots […]

Do Real Men Go Grocery Shopping?

Does your man know his way around the grocery aisle? According to a recent report put out by TNS Retail Forward, men shop inefficiently which leads to missed sales at the checkout counter. Many men have difficulty finding items, forgo items rather than risk buying the wrong item, or simply cannot find their way to […]