Author: Jennifer Walker

When Inspiration Strikes: Pork Cutlets Cristo

Todd and I take turns each week setting the menu, grocery shopping, and cooking supper. We’ve been doing it this way since we first moved in together and I am continually grateful to has a husband that enjoys cooking as much as I do. Sometimes my menus are very specific (especially if I’m working on […]

Don’t Skimp on Those Spices

Planning a menu on a restricted diet–be it the Low-FODMAP protocol or otherwise–means a lot of the same. With broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, various beans and peas all on the trigger list that leaves a lot of repetition of spinach, green beans, and carrots (not to mention the ubiquitous green salad) as side dishes. Of course […]

Daring Bakers: Easter Breads

The April Daring Baker’s Challenge was hosted by Wolf of Wolf’s Den . She challenged us to Spring into our kitchens and make Easter breads reflecting cultures around the world. We actually don’t do a whole lot for Easter–in fact, this year we did absolutely nothing as family members had other engagements and we’d just spent the […]

MxMo LXXXIII: Preserves | Strawberry Shot-Cake

This month’s Mixology Monday, hosted by Craig of A World of Drinks, is Preserves. Even though fresh-everything is the clarion call of cocktail enthusiasts today, back when cocktails were fresh and new, themselves, it wasn’t necessarily feasible to have fresh everything at the tip of your barspoon. Sure, that makes the cake for seasonal cocktails, but let’s […]

The Proof is in the Bread Box

After a successful-yet-leaves-room-for-improvement attempt at last month’s Daring Bakers challenge I wanted to try the given recipe again but tweak it a little. What I’d ended up with was a tasty, if somewhat dry, pastry that I thought could do with some enriching to make it work better with the vagaries of gluten-free baking. In order to […]

The Spaghetti-String Budget Isn’t What it Used To Be!

The question of whether it costs more to eat healthy isn’t really a question: it does. But one thing I’ve noticed while sticking to the Low-FODMAP diet this past year (aside from the raising of already-high grocery bills), is that convenience is a loosing battle. It’s one thing to have one or two food allergies […]

Spiced Lentil Cakes for the Indian Cooking Challenge

Yay! I’m so glad I had a chance to participate in the Indian Cooking Challenge this month, and the recipe chosen was more than perfect: because it is a sattvic recipe, there’s no onion or garlic that I have to substitute for. Lentils can be high in oligosaccharides (the O of FODMAPs), but after a year of being pretty […]

Daring Bakers: Canadian Whoopie Pies

The December Daring Bakers’ Challenge had us all cheering – the lovely and talented Bourbonnatrix of Bourbonnatrix Bakes was our hostess and challenged us to make fun, delicious and creative whoopie pies! Delicious little cake-like cookies sandwiching luscious filling in any flavors we chose… What else is there to say but “Whoopie!” This month’s challenge was perfect […]

Gluten-Free Fudge Cookies

This time, last year, I was just getting started down the Low-FODMAP road, trying to see how it might help (or not) my IBS. Considering it was the holidays, I was a little bummed about missing out on holiday goodies and picked up a copy of the Favorite Brand Name 3-in-1 Gluten-Free Cookbook at an […]

Meet the Sparkling: Cava

Have you heard of cava? It is, essentially, Spain’s answer to Champagne. More often than not it is made in the Champagne Method but since that, too, is limited to a particular region of France, a bottle of cava will usually denote “Método Tradicional” or Traditional Method. In the case of the bottle I tasted for […]