Author: Gretchen

Vegetarian: Winter squash and Root Vegetable Gratin

Who doesn’t love the humble potato? Ok, so maybe during that whole low-carb craze I may have shied away from baked potatoes for a little while, but it sure didn’t take long for me to be wooed by a yummy potato salad or some rich scalloped potatoes.  Especially in the cold New York winter, potatoes […]

Vegetarian: Lentil Soup

Many of us are entering into what I like to call “Soup Season”.  Lots of areas of the US are being hit with cold and some even with snow.  Regardless of the weather you are currently experiencing, don’t you like to think of December as a time to seek out food that nourishes you body […]

Turkey(?) Day

Hello friends!  Allow me to introduce myself.   I’m Gretchen and I have a blog called Don’t Forget Love which is in the process of moving from the blogger platform to wordpress.  You can now find me there at .  I am excited to be writing for Circle of Food.  For several years, I’ve been […]