Author: CookingwithKatherine

Recipe-BBQ Chicken and Riesling,White Zinfandel wine pairing

Hey there everyone, Yes, it’s the Friday before the big 4th of July celebration, so I thought I’d get you squared away with a good grilling recipe. Hopefully the weather will be nice and hot and conducive to outdoor cooking and eating. So break out those grills for some fun in the sun entertaining. The […]

Recipe:Greek Lamb Salad; Wine Pairing-Barolo, Chianti

Yes, it’s that time of the week to start thinking food people, it’s the weekend, you’ve got a little extra time to get cooking, and making something tasty isn’t hard to do. So read on and you will see what I mean. This week I have given you a recipe for a Greek lamb salad. […]

Quiche Lorraine, Wine Pairing-Reisling and Cotes de Rhone

Yup it’s Friday again, and I am here to prepare you for Mother’s Day… and in case you didn’t remember, it’s on Sunday. When you think of Mother’s Day you think_______? Personally I think brunch, a little later than breakfast giving everyone a chance to sleep in, but with more breakfast type food than lunch. […]