Author: Cindy

Gourmet Food Vendor Trucks – Sunday Morning Broadcast

LA foodies have even more reason to celebrate the city’s great food offerings, with the rise in the gourmet food vendor trucks you’re seeing across its city streets. Sunday Morning’s broadcast yesterday gives you a delicious sample of them, including Kogi, Border Grill’s Taco Truck, Asian Mexican Fusion, Marked 5, Sprinkles cupcakes. Besides the opportunity to try some different […]

Cast Your Vote for Top Foodie Movie!

In honor of the newly released Julie and Julia movie I’m sure, Blockbuster has a list of suggested foodie movies available. I thought it would be fun for us to offer our vote on a favorite movie, 0r offer a critic’s review on any we liked/disliked. Some of the ones on the list below were […]

HOME – A new definition provided by

What’s your definition of “Home”? I found my own expanded definition in having watched, or should I say being mesmerized by – the the spectacular aerial views provided in the movie, HOME. If you haven’t seen anything of substance this summer (which most the movie releases this summer I believe seem to be lacking) I’d […]

Noah’s Bagels, Near Telegraph Hill – Berkeley, CA

Originally uploaded by Flickred! I recently enjoyed a Bacon and Cheddar Bagel and Iced Coffee from Noah’s New York Bagels. I don’t remember great bagel restaurants like Noah’s nearby when I was in school. It was a great morning treat; but college shouldn’t be this good is what I repeatedly found myself teasing my daughter […]

Chef Curtis Stone – His Grilled Recipes Look Yummy Too

My daughter Erin, who’s home from college for the summer, happened on The Today’s Show feast this morning which was cooked by the handsome Curtis Stone. I think she’s in love. Check out Curtis in the video, his grilled Cornish Game Hens, Grilled Broccolini, and Grilled Brussel Sprouts….which she thought looked “delicious” too. Bon Appetit!

Your Food Safe Handbook

Another friend of mine spent part of last weekend laid up. Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s more people being hit with food poisoning these days? And I’ve got a hunch too often the restaurant get blames for what may have been the result of some unintended food safety issue at […]

Food Debate at New York Times Opinion Page

The Salmonella-laced peanut butter scare from that Geogia plant certainly has raised the ire of a lot of consumers and food advocates and experts out there. As well it should (19,000 people sick in 43 states and 8 deaths so far). The Opinion section of the New York Times has a running commentary on what […]

Top Recipe Posts of 2008

I was curious which recipes our visitors here at Circle of Food were most fond of in 2008. Any guesses? Drum roll please…. Here’s your top picks as far as numbers visiting. The last one isn’t a recipe, but heck I had to put some healthy snack in the list. Enjoy! 1. Chicken Marsala Recipe […]