Author: Torie Nicholas

Starbucks on Top!

This is crazy to believe but Starbucks is now the 3rd largest US Restaurant Chain. #1 is McDonald’s…surprise surprise and #2 is Subway. It is very astonishing to think that Starbucks is currently ahead of Fast Food Giants such as Burger King and Wendy’s. Over the past years, the numbers have been changing a lot. […]

Giant Eagle Wine Dinner

Once a month, my mom hosts a Wine Dinner at Giant Eagle where wine shoppers can come and enjoy a nice night of food and wine. Although this event has only been going on for about a year, it is planned very well and it was a treat to attend. Last week, my boyfriend Erik […]

Epic Meal Time

Have you ever heard of this show?…. Epic Meal Time is a show that is CRAZY. On the show, guys create an epic meal using insane ingredients to make an “epic” meal. I had never heard of the show until my boyfriend showed me. Then after watching a short episode, I found out my brother […]

Father’s Day Brunch

On Sunday for Father’s Day, my brother and I decided to make my dad a huge breakfast. Since he is always so busy, we thought it would be a nice treat to have all of his favorite foods and enjoy a nice meal. For this breakfast, we tried to go to the store and get […]

Since I recently turned 21, I have been trying a lot of different drinks to see what my favorites are. I have tried beers, mixed drinks, martinis, margaritas, long island ice teas and various liquors. So far, I have just looked on a drink menu at the restaurant and picked out something that looked good, […]

DC Cupcakes

DC Cupcakes one of my favorite shows on TLC. This show started when 2 sisters decided to quit their corporate jobs and start a cupcake shop in Washington DC to follow their dreams. Not only do they sell their cupcakes at their store in Georgestown, but they also make large cupcake displays and fun cupcake […]

Dairy Queen Dolphin Commercial

Have you seen this??? This is one of Dairy Queens newest commercials but I do not understand it. I love watching commercials, especially with a Marketing background, but I really do not get the point of this commercial. Note: If anyone understands it, let me know! lol Besides this commercial, I think Dairy Queen […]

MELT Bar and Grilled

Have you ever heard of Melt?…If you are from Northern Ohio then the answer is probably yes. Although Melt only has two locations (both in Cleveland, OH), this restaurant is very famous for its grilled sandwiches. Melt is a simple concept, but it is truly amazing. It is a fun yet casual place to go […]

Memorial Day Desserts

I love Memorial Day Weekend! First of all, it means the weather is getting nicer. Secondly, it means its right around my birthday. Third, it usually means a longer weekend off of work and last but most importantly it is a time to honor those who fought for our country and who brought honor to […]