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Best Wurst Made in Tucson with Craft Beer, TEN55

Best Wurst Made in Tucson with Craft Beer, TEN55

Just when you think downtown Tucson has more than enough restaurants, along comes TEN55 to fill another dining niche – a brewing and sausage house.

Circle of Food loves their menu as there is something for everyone. For meat eaters there are 16 kinds of scratch-made sausage: the usual bratwurst and hot Italian but for exotic taste tasters (and you know there is one in every crowd) try the duck lemongrass and ginger sausage with chimichurri or bison Hatch green chile and roasted corn sausage with white BBQ. You’re not going to find that on any other menu in Tucson.     

For your friends who don’t eat meat – no worries – there are three varieties of plant-based sausages.

And there’s always a friend (or maybe your mother) who eats a salad wherever she goes. Here at TEN55 there are three choices: herbaceous green goddess Caesar, Southwest cobb and the McKale salad (clever).

And with your sandwich, you will want to order Belgian fries. What’s the difference between Belgian fries and French fries? We haven’t figured that out yet but when we do, we’ll let you know. Or you can let us know. Belgian fries come in two sizes, small and large and you can choose from a variety of toppings as well as the condiments (harissa or curry ketchup, anyone?) on the table.

One of the offered appetizers is pimento cheese with bread. Circle of Food remembers eating pimento cheese in small glass jars that my mom used to clean and reuse for juice. This was long before the big gulp. At TEN55, the menu describes pimento cheese as “caviar of the South.”  Yes, it’s made in house and served with a Barrio Bread baguette with herb oil. Just picture it with a perfect pairing of a cold well-crafted beer.

There’s a special Sunday brunch menu from 9 am to 2 pm.

The room feels spacious and, of course, noisy, which seems to be the decibels of the day. There’s an upstairs which we didn’t meander to. Prices are reasonable and the beer goes down easily. Prediction: Long live TEN55 at 110 E. Congress Street.

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