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Zinburger Summer Pizazz

Zinburger Summer Pizazz

Been to Zinburger lately? There are some new items on the menu because some time (rarely) a burger on a bun is not in the stars.

Like today my friend ordered the seared salmon salad with shaved veggies and lemon mustard vinaigrette. What made the salad was the perfectly cooked high-quality salmon languishing on a generous bed of greens. Refreshing vinaigrette tasted somewhat lemony with just a hint of mustard.                                                 

If eschewing white flour/white stuff then the California burger bowl makes a wise choice. Picture a soft grilled sweet potato topped with a medium rare burger (or have your own way) roasted mushrooms and zucchini then crowned with avocado slices and the whole bowl drizzled with warm tamari. California dreaming. Rustic. Why did I feel like I was transported back to Topanga Canyon? Our waiter suggested I top it with tahina – WOW – this dish went from a 9 to a 10. Amazing what a little dab of tahina can do.

Wagyu burgers are also new on the menu described as American Kobe beef. Another time I would like to compare a regular burger with a Wagyu burger to ascertain if I could taste the difference in quality.

The menu has been tweaked with some small changes and additions but no worries your favorites still remain like the chopped wedge salad, Clint’s almost famous veggie burger, double truffle fries, shakes and a root beer float and a well-curated variety of wines, beers and clever cocktails.

Zinburger has two locations in Tucson as well as Gilbert, Scottsdale and Phoenix


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