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Happy 25th Anniversary to Kingfisher Tucson

Happy 25th Anniversary to Kingfisher Tucson

Wow! Congratulations to Kingfisher Bar & Grill for the delightful honor of 25 years and still going strong. Circle of Food can attest that on a recent Tuesday night the restaurant was as bustling as ever.

In the early 1990’s four food guys got together and decided that Tucson needed a fish restaurant.  On September 1, 1993, their dream became a reality as Kingfisher opened in the space formerly occupied by the Iron Mask, one of Tucson’s favorite “continental” eateries.  It was a momentous decision that certainly panned out. Through rough economic times, and the openings of countless new restaurants in Tucson, Kingfisher has not only survived but thrived. Most nights find a packed dining room and people stacked up waiting for seats in the bar.

A large part of their success is never compromising on quality with most seafood offerings flown in daily.  Each dish is impeccably fresh with the menu ever evolving according to the season and availability.  Every local oyster lover knows that Kingfisher is the place for the best, freshest and most interesting assortment available anywhere in the southwest.                                                                                           

The Kingfisher staff is unusual in the industry with most of them being long term members of the “family”; a committed group of professionals where some have been there from 10 to 25 years. “Many staff members have left to pursue careers in the restaurant communities around the US, while a fair few are spread throughout the kitchens, dining rooms, and management teams of Tucson” said Chef Jim Murphy.

The many times Circle of Food has eaten at Kingfisher, the service has always been from good to excellent.

Anniversary celebrations began with the first stop on Road Trip 2018 in the “Southwest” on May 25th.  Guests should look for anniversary specials in both the dining room and the bar throughout the summer and into fall.  Following “destinations” are Pacific NW on June 7, California/Hawaii on June 19, Great Plains/Midwest on July 19, Back East on Aug 2, and Down South on Aug 16.  Kingfisher will be closed for summer break from July 1 after Cal/Hawaii and re-open on July 19 for Great Plains/Midwest.

Kingfisher is located at 2564 E. Grant Road.


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