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Shoebox Size Tasting Room Big on Arizona Spirits

Shoebox Size Tasting Room Big on Arizona Spirits

Series 19 opened last week in a cozy inviting 680 square feet of prime real estate downtown Tucson serving only craft cocktails made with spirits from Arizona-based distilleries from Elgin to Flagstaff.

Three Wells Distilling Company is the mastermind behind this clever endeavor and the first and only tasting room in the state to do so. The concept meshes with our City of Gastronomy vibe because Three Wells uses local well water from Sahuarita and desert-centric ingredients to craft their own agave, vodka, gin and bourbon.

Circle of Food has a special affinity for Mt. Lemmon gin which smells like the desert after a warm summer rain.

The name Series 19 comes from Arizona Revised Statutes Title 4 of the state’s liquor laws offering guidance on 21 different series of licenses. The Series 19 license is an “Offsite Tasting Room” for farm wineries or craft distilleries as an extension to their master license. It allows license holders to serve cocktails for on-premise consumption, like a bar, and sell bottles-to-go for off-premise consumption, like a bottle shop or liquor store.

The drinks pictured are an Old Fashioned Copper and the Muddler where you can choose your spirit (gin), your own fruit (lime) and other ingredients (cucumber and mint). Refreshing. The cocktail menu features classics as well as innovators and flights.


Location: 13 N. Stone Avenue, just a tad south of Congress Street in a former jewelry store.

Series 19 will be open Monday through Thursday from 4 to 11 pm, Friday from 3 pm to midnight, Saturday from 2 pm to midnight and Sunday from 1 to 8 pm. Series 19 will also offer house-made charcuterie and other culinary companions for their cocktails delivered by nearby Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market.

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