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Starbucks Don’t Be a Mattress Firm

Starbucks Don’t Be a Mattress Firm

Have you noticed how many Starbucks are on Swan Road? Let’s count:

Starbucks in the Crossroads Festival Shopping Center on the corner NE corner of Swan/Grant

Also, in that same shopping center a few baby steps north sit a Starbucks in Fry’s grocery store.

Go two signals to the north at Camp Lowell/Swan Road in the Basha’s grocery store for yet another Starbucks.

And, a few more miles north at Sunrise/Swan is a standalone Starbucks in the SE corner.

Plus, a Starbucks in Safeway on that same corner.

A locally-owned Savaya Coffee is in the Synergy Plaza across from Plaza Palomino just south of Swan Road/Ft. Lowell Road. Savaya with its spacious patio resides in the former McMahon’s Steakhouse.

Rise and shine all caffeine addicts.

And if that is not enough Starbucks, a new one which probably will open soon is located on the NW corner of Swan and Ft. Lowell in what was formerly the long-gone Chad’s Steakhouse. Former local dueling steakhouses will now be competing David vs. Goliath coffee joints. While I tried to research the development plans online, I couldn’t tell if this sixth Starbucks on Swan Road would be a drive-thru but in my opinion — yes.

By the way, the drive-thru Starbucks at Broadway/Campbell/Kino (which is diagonal from Starbucks in Safeway) always has a snaking line of backed up traffic into the intersection. People, can’t you get out of your damn cars and walk in to get coffee?

While I think Starbucks has some good practices, it’s annoying how many are popping up on one stretch of drive time real estate.

Starbucks, don’t be a Mattress Firm.

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