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Calming Ritual: High Tea at Sazerac Creole Kitchen, Tucson

Calming Ritual: High Tea at Sazerac Creole Kitchen, Tucson

Sazerac High Tea
(photo courtesy Edie Jarolim)

If you were in L.A., starting January one, high tea would have a whole different meaning but since you’re in Tucson – high tea at Sazerac Creole Kitchen is the next best thing.

Why? You have a beautiful outdoor setting in upscale St. Philips Plaza or you could sit inside under the sparkling chandeliers reminiscent of a fancy New Orleans restaurant. Either or the setting puts you in the mood for high tea especially with the daintily painted china cups and small plates and pink cloth napkins. It’s probably a girly kind of thing but girls of all ages were enjoying this tea-drinking calming ritual. And in these trying political times, calming rituals never go out of style especially for the reasonable cost of $25 per person (cocktails not included).

The waitstaff pours tea from elegant silver teapots and refills are plentiful. But if you’re like me, an afternoon cocktail is always in order. My friends ordered the Peach Palmer (a peachy alcoholic version of its more famous cousin the Arnold Palmer) while I sipped on the puckering Sherry Splash.

Sazerac high tea cocktails
Cocktails, anyone?

You can help yourself to the buffet of goodies – crust-less egg salad and ham salad sandwiches, pecan pie tarts, brownie bites, flavorful mini quiches, scones, crumpets with clotted cream and jam, and iced sugar cookies. Let’s just say it was a carbohydrate wonderland.

Sazerac Kitchen is located at 4340 N. Campbell Ave and high tea is served Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm. The regular menu is served as well.

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