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Tucson Restaurant: HUB-a-dub-dub

Tucson Restaurant: HUB-a-dub-dub

HUB restaurant downtown Tucson
Poke starter

The HUB Restaurant & Creamery reopened August 25. While the interior looks pretty much the same with brick walls and exposed ceilings (aka industrial chic), it’s the back of the house that has been updated. In the past HUB and Playground shared a kitchen. Now each has their own spacious entity.

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Entree: salmon with vegetables

Previously Bianco’s Pizzeria sat between the HUB and Playground but now that space is gone and gobbled up by either business.

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HUB bar

Remember when the HUB, Bianco’s and Playground shared the same restroom? Now the two entities have their own and dressed up too.

A new private dining room sits behind (or east of the) bar.

I especially like the lighting accessories and the jazzy understated ambience. Rich woods and neutral banquettes complete the sophisticated yet relaxed setting.

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peek inside the kitchen

As for the menu – there’s something for everyone with big appetites, small appetites, carnivores, pescatarians (not be confused with Presbyterians), vegetarians, sandwich savants and more. Executive chef Ben Caballero keeps the staff hopping. You want shrimp & grits, Cubano sandwich, enchiladas, pork shank, steak salad, roasted veggie sandwich, bountiful burgers, tater tots, the daily special. A variety of options as well as a full bar plus extensive craft beer and wine, and of course, a vibrant list of their fabulous house-made ice creams. Bourbon butter pecan brittle?

The HUB, located at 266 E. Congress Street,  is open for weekend brunch, weekday lunch and everyday dinner and late night.

Disclosure: Circle of Food was hosted for opening dinner.

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