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Popcorn Is My Crack

Popcorn Is My Crack

Confession: I’ve never done crack but let’s just say I am addicted to Trader Joe’s Bollywood popcorn which by the way is being phased out because not enough people buy it. Right now, I saw the bright blue package at the Trader Joe’s Swan/Grant store for 99 cents.

The manager confirmed Bollywood popcorn is going into oblivion.

I am a popcorn fanatic. Not the crap sold in movies with the nasty “buttered” topping but mostly the gourmet stuff you can buy in an overpriced bag.

Often popcorn along with a craft beer or a glass of wine is my dinner. Okay, for good measure I’ll add a few carrot sticks. Popcorn is a vegetable, right?

What I particularly love about Bollywood popcorn is the spices – Tikka Masala seasoning. Open a bag and the room is immediately permeated with heady Indian spiced aromas.

Two years ago, I liked Skinny Pop Popcorn flavored with green chile seasoning but it was a limited edition which did not return the next year.

There’s a theme here – big flavors and spices — are my passion as I have jaded taste buds so I need the smack or burst of memorable flavors.

What food is your “crack?”

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