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Shout Out to Tucson Food Bloggers

Shout Out to Tucson Food Bloggers

o-tacosAs the Tucson culinary, gastronomy and food scene continues to snap, crackle and pop…check out what Tucson’s bloggers have to say:

Tucson Foodie

Tucson Foodie is an online food magazine dedicated to covering Tucson’s delicious and growing food scene. And it does well and probably the only money-making/advertising-taking blog in the bunch. Adam Lehrman does an excellent job in announcing the food news first, often more frequently than the Arizona Daily Star or the waning Tucson Weekly. His “listicles” should not be missed: Look no further than 11 restaurants for a killer Cuban sandwich or 67 dog-friendly restaurant patios in Tucson. Sign up for his email so you don’t miss a crumb.                                                          o-pasta

Well Fed Foodie

I believe Rita Connelly started this blog after or around the time her stint as restaurant writer for the Tucson Weekly ended. Rita is a consummate cook as well as author and friend. We have shared many good meals and cocktails together as well as meaningful conversations and juicy gossip. She is the author of The Lost Restaurants of Tucson, vignettes about restaurants gone by but remembered. It’s a good read for locals and newbies wanting a taste of Tucson’s dining history.

Tucson Eats Dinner

I never heard of this blog but dammit – it ranks fairly high on page one of google if you search Tucson food blogs. How unfair as it’s been abandoned as of June 2015 which means its content is stagnant.  Speaking of abandoned blogs, I’m quite sure there are more abandoned blogs than there are abandoned shopping carts.

zucca-chipsTucson Home Skillet

My apologies to “Metal” Mark Whittaker as I have never heard of this blog either but it ranks higher on the page than Circle of Food, so I thought I’d take a look see. Lots and lots of text per blog post so maybe that’s the key; good photos too.

Technically Not Blogs…

On the Menu Live

On the Menu Live is a weekly radio show that “dishes out the latest buzz on the Southern Arizona culinary and cocktail scene.”  The show hosted by the jovial Matt Russell airs live every Saturday at 5 pm on 104.1 KQTH.

Andi Berlin

Circle of Food recommends following the Arizona Daily’s Star food writer. She wacky, wild and wonderful and recently wrote an article about eating breakfast burritos 24 hours a day. Adding humor as an ingredient to food writing will always be good for digestion.

Pok Pok Chinatown

If you have a local food, wine, beer or cocktail blog and I omitted you…please use the Contact form or let me know on Facebook. Gracias.

Written by Karyn Zoldan, Day # 18   (Confession: I missed yesterday, mea culpa, it’s Sunday after all but will try to write two blogs today…or not.)


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