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What’s for Dinner? Popcorn

What’s for Dinner? Popcorn

What's for dinner?
What’s for dinner?

This is one of my most favorite dinners to eat at home – a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn.

What could be better than popcorn dusted with chocolate? Perhaps popcorn drizzled with chocolate sauce?

I love popcorn with sea salt & pepper and popcorn with white cheddar cheese. Even popcorn with olive oil will do.

And if you have ever eaten at The Parish, they are famous for bacon popcorn – popcorn popped in bacon grease and topped with bacon bits. Amazing.

bacon popcorn
bacon popcorn

I see all kinds of possibilities for popcorn – with Indian spices, Thai spices, chipotle, poblano or green chile spices. Of course, there’s kettle corn but that’s always too sweet for me but salted caramel popcorn would be divine.

The downside – it’s hard to eat just one serving.

Written by Karyn Zoldan, Day #12

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