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Eating around Tucson with Circle of Food – Kimchi Time

Eating around Tucson with Circle of Food – Kimchi Time

Kimchi Time Tucson restaurant
Korean seafood pancake

Ate dinner tonight at Kimchi Time Restaurant in midtown. My favorite menu item to order is the Korean seafood pancake or haemul pajeon. The pancake arrives at the table in a hot cast iron skillet. Your server will cut it into fourths not unlike a pizza or a frittata.

We asked our server what the ingredients were and he said a flour batter with various seafood, scallions and seasoning. I do admit this dish tastes slightly different every time but not different bad; somewhat different and delicious.

In Korea, it’s eaten as a snack…I could certainly see eating it for breakfast or brunch. Our server said it also comes as a mix and that’s what they use at Kimchi Time and it’s not always the same depending on the seafood.

If you like it on the spicy side, drizzle with Siracha.

Kimchi Time restaurant
holy mackerel

Holy Mackerel

The grilled mackerel was tender, crispy and oily with a fair amount of bones. Mackerel ranks highly as one of the fishes to eat for a healthy diet. And then rice…not quite white and not quite brown but nutty with lots of texture just the same.

While there are other Korean restaurants in Tucson like Seoul Food Kitchen and Korea House, Kimchi Time is my favorite.

Written by Karyn Zoldan, Day #10 – 33% completed

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