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Pokemon Invades Casino Del Sol, Tucson

Pokemon Invades Casino Del Sol, Tucson

Pokestop casino del sol I may be the only person who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Pokemon. Yet there seems to be a rash of interest in PokemonGo and I imagine it’s a mindless diversion to what heinous acts are going on in the world today. As long as nobody gets shot Pokemon-ing, I think it’s a good thing.

It appears that businesses are getting into the Pokemon action too. At Casino Del Sol Resort, there are Pokemon-themed dishes and cocktails.

Tequila Factory

PokeBalls: Fried ice cream, adorned with sugar crystals, and chocolate, in a fried flour tortilla cup rimmed with sugar and cinnamon.

Squirtle Attack cocktail: coconut vodka, pineapple and blue curacao

There’s a PokeStop inside the restaurant too – whatever that is!

PY Steakhouse and UME 

Thunderbolt Sour: Iwai Japanese whiskey, pineapple syrup, lemon, orange and Angostura bitters

Casino Del Sol is open 24/7 and is Pokemon friendly for trainers 21+. There are 10 PokeStops and two gyms on the premises plus air conditioning, cold beverages and awesome food. Go play at 5655 West Valencia Rd, Tucson, 85757.

Do the Hokey Pokeymon…that’s what it’s all about.

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