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Book Review: My Fat Dad

Book Review: My Fat Dad

My Fat Dad book reviewBook Review: My Fat Dad

This book is for anyone who struggles with weight or has a loved one who wrestles with poundage.

Author Dawn Lerman grew up in a household where her mother ate a can of tuna fish over the sink and considered that her meal of the day, and where her dad gained weight just by looking at it. Her father went to a fat farm, tried every diet and dietary supplement available insisting the family be on the same eating plan so he wouldn’t be tempted.

Child abuse? Perhaps.

Lerman who writes for the New York Times Well blog and is a certified nutrition expert, faced daunting culinary extremes, shifting emotional highs and lows, and worse — was often hungry. She finds salvation in the kitchen learning to cook using her Jewish grandmother Beauty’s recipes and giving them a healthy spin.

This book kept my focused attention because Lerman is an astute story teller. When the last page was devoured, I felt as though I made a new friend. Her family lays some famous claims to the world of advertising and entertainment and she is able to slither her way into Studio 54 at a young age.

My Fat Dad won’t leave you famished as Lerman shares her grandmother’s recipes as well as her own. She also provides a helpful swap chart. Who knew matzo can replace noodles in kugel and noodles in lasagna during Passover?

My Fat Dad book review
Try this at home

My mother made salmon patties on Thursday nights so I  tried Beauty’s recipe. Delicious, I’ll make them again.

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