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Does Absinthe Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Does Absinthe Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

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photo: http://www.absintheonthenet.com/Lady-Wings-4-6-Spout-Absinthe-Fountain-Set-p/lw4s.htm

The headline in VinePair’s blog — Will Absinthe Make Me Hallucinate? — caught my eye.

According to the article, it’s a myth. Since absinthe was banned in the United States for a period of time, this medicinal-like spirit is surrounded in myth and mystery.

Anything that is banned automatically becomes more desirable.

I drank absinthe at a party years ago soon after the ban was lifted. The party was at an acquaintance’s home who insisted we not go in the house so we had to hover around her DIY brick oven in the back yard while it cooked pizza. We drank absinthe to keep warm, alternating with cheap beer. Needless to say, I don’t remember too much for part of the evening but I was reminded by my guest that I thought I was Zelda wondering where my F. Scott Fitzgerald was.

In Tucson I have seen absinthe served in an elegant fountain both at The Still, a speakeasy attached to Vero Amore, and at Feast. At Vero, a half dozen women were enjoying a lively birthday celebration and at Feast, two lithe 30-somethings sipped and savored a romantic dinner in the corner.

The Wormwood Society eschews the use of much absinthe paraphernalia and instead advocates for a simple carafe. And please — no matches nearby.

Should you celebrate with absinthe over the New Year, please avoid driving or simply stay home.

“After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were. After the second, you see things as they are not. Finally, you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world.” – Oscar Wilde

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