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Book Review: Lost Restaurants of Tucson

Book Review: Lost Restaurants of Tucson

traditionally Tucson margarita chipsThis book is the ideal gift for Tucson old timers who remember the good old days and restaurants they ate at while growing up, celebrating important occasions or just reminiscing about favorite hangouts.

Although I (Karyn Zoldan) have only lived in Tucson for 15 years, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about local history as it pertained to color and culture, restaurants and beyond.

Lost Restaurants of Tucson
By Rita Connelly

There’s more to the book than food. Author Rita Connelly interviewed and researched former restaurant owners and their family members, staff and customers to cull the myriad of details (some are juicy details) as to the architecture, interior design, behind the scenes and human interest associated with lost restaurants.

Information is heavily notated and referenced so if you are inclined, you can follow the links and do your own research, when available.


You can find Rita around town on the airwaves or her book at these local venues and online.

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