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47 Scott, Downtown Tucson Restaurant Gem

47 Scott, Downtown Tucson Restaurant Gem

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downtown Tucson restaurant gem

47 Scott, Downtown Tucson Restaurant Gem

It takes courage and creativity to be a pioneer and that is exactly what the owners of 47 Scott did when they opened downtown more than 5 years ago. This is well before the downtown Tucson food scene was the dining mecca it is today.

47 Scott isn’t on the main drag of Congress but on Scott Street (hence the address) adroitly at the entrance and exit of the green Pennington parking structure.

That was then and this is now, still a gem of a place, 47 Scott thrives. Next door is the famed Scott & Co. speakeasy known for its overstuffed chairs, friendly staff and renowned cocktails.

But for today, let’s talk food…fabulous food.

Enter the boyishly handsome Daniel Thomas who has cooked around town at Metzger Family Restaurants after getting his degree at Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale and cheffing his way south to Tucson.

47 Scott has a small thoughtful menu which I appreciate; too many choices can be overwhelming. Don’t worry the entire menu has not changed. Some favorites like the stack of grilled cheese sandwiches remain as well as other options but some new must-tries include roasted Brussel sprouts (the latest veg in the culinary spotlight; kale can go to the back of the bus now) with caramelized pork belly, roasted corn and blueberry reduction…today’s comfort food.

pork chop at 47 scott
photo courtesy Matt Russell

Pork lovers will rejoice with this generously portioned all natural pork chop (antibiotic free)  gussied up by mustard seed “caviar,” chive spaetzle and Brussel sprout kraut (according to the menu) but to not confuse you the Brussel sprouts were more of a finely chopped dice all swimming but not drowning in a light au jus.

Every restaurant seems to have a signature burger and here Chef Thomas is concocting homemade American cheese. You just have to try it with the twice-fried pommes frites.

I love trout and Chef Thomas did not disappoint. The rainbow trout  comes pan-seared with Yukon gold potatoes and chorizo in a light corn broth. Homey and filling yet light enough to save room for dessert.

Dessert came in those cute little glass jars tasting like a cross between panna cotta and mousse. My favorite was the salted caramel but chocolate raspberry and pumpkin crunch also garnered raves.

On another visit with out of town guests, we tried Sunday brunch. The Southwest veggie hash  and numerous cups of coffee filled our bellies on a cold rainy morning but when the weather is good, dine on the serene outdoor patio.

While loud seems to be the trend that is not going away any time soon, the seating arrangement at 47 Scott seems to abate the cacophony somewhat and my ears appreciate that.

If you have never been or haven’t gone recently, consider checking out 47 Scott and support a locally-owned downtown gem and one of the pioneers of the downtown dining renaissance.

47 Scott Street; 520-624-4747

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