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Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Happy Stuffing Day
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Ranker poll reveals Top 10 from 9,700 votes.

According to Ranker.com, who hosts opinion-based, crowd-sourced rankings of everything — mashed potatoes are the #1 Thanksgiving Day favorite.

The poll included 34 side dishes to choose from and the winners are:

1. Mashed potatoes
2. Stuffing
3. Gravy
4. Bread
5. Green bean casserole
6. Corn on the cob
7. Macaroni and cheese
8. Baked sweet potatoes
9. Sweet potato pie
10. Crescent rolls

What that tells Circle of Food is people love their carbs. I could forgo the turkey and just be happy with a pan of stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans without that disgusting cream of mushroom soup and cranberry relish. I like sweet potatoes but nuke them all the time so they’re a staple, hold the marshmallows and brown sugar.

Ranker’s poll also reveals:
· Men voted stuffing as their favorite side and included brussel sprouts and garlic bread in their top 10
· Women included yams and green beans in their top 10
· Millennials chose stuffing as their #1 Thanksgiving side
· Baby Boomer voters included cranberry jelly in their top 10
There you have it. Have an extra serving of stuffing for me. I recently learned that my Thanksgiving hosts will not be serving stuffing this year.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes?

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