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Joy to the World – It’s Just a Red Starbucks Cup

Joy to the World – It’s Just a Red Starbucks Cup

Starbucks red cup controversy
Joy to the world

Fleetingly I saw the headlines about the Red Starbucks Cup™.

People, GET OVER IT. It’s just a damn Red Cup with a Starbucks logo.  Nothing sells coffee better or any consumer product, for that matter, than controversy and mountains of publicity (good and bad) to propel it along.

By January 7, you’ll all be saying, “What cup?”

Oddly enough some religious extremists are complaining about the cup and it’s lack of holiday graphics. Really?

While I mostly drink local to Tucson roasted coffee when I’m out and about, I like the idea of the Red Starbucks Cup. It’s festive and I don’t even celebrate Christmas. I don’t celebrate anything but if I did – it would be Chanukah. If people want to say Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays …who cares?

Bright idea: Maybe Hobby Lobby should start selling blue cups with menorahs?

We have so many bigger problems to deal with like mass killings, Monsanto, punitive/clueless Arizona legislators, homelessness, greyhound racing and finding homes for unwanted pets – than ranting about the Red Starbucks Cup. Isn’t that right Jett Greyhound who was RESCUED from the harsh dog racing industry?

Here’s the brouhaha about the Starbucks Red Cup just in case you’re not on social media.

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