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Sideways, Merlot Madness, Tucson Loft

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Give Merlot another chance

Sideways, the often hilarious 2004 Oscar-winning movie, takes two obnoxious aging buddies in search of good wine and women in Central California. In this case the wine is Pinot Noir which rose in popularity after the movie aired while miserable Merlot plummeted.

I hate to admit this publicly but to this day I’ll choose almost any red wine over Merlot and when I do drink it, Sideways plays in the background of my mind. According to some wine experts, the drop in Merlot drinking caused much of it to scram from the marketplace and only the better (mostly) Merlot remains at good value too.

Edible Baja Arizona magazine and the Loft Cinema present Sideways on Sunday September 27 at 4 PM for free wine tasting provided by Sierra Bonita Vineyards of Willcox; the movie starts at 5 PM. Wine and popcorn pair well.

Another favorite movie about wine is the documentary Blood into Wine, which was also shown at the Loft a few years.


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