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RIP Bonnie Lewis (Lee) – Pour Me Some Grapes

RIP Bonnie Lewis (Lee) – Pour Me Some Grapes

RIP Bonnie Lewis
Bonnie Lee at Pillsbury Wine Tasting Room

It is with great sadness that I learned tonight on Facebook that a friend died yesterday.

I met Bonnie when I used to hang out at CataVinos Wine Shoppe. There was a small group of people that would go every Friday night and because of Bonnie’s inclusiveness, we became friends.

We had some good times together like tasting wine at Pastiche along with Edie Jarolim and the winemaker from Cupcake Vineyards. He was some cupcake and we drank far too much wine and couldn’t stop giggling. Bonnie also joined Rita Connelly and I when we took the-taxi-from-hell to a food & wine event at one of the casinos. Never the less, we had some good laughs over it on the way home.

But I knew Bonnie best from her former blog, Pour Me Some Grapes, for the now defunct TucsonCitizen.com online site. I encouraged her to blog as I was writing Tucson Tails and wanted her knowledge of wine, especially Arizona wine, to be read by many. She put her heart and soul into those blog posts.

We had some good laughs and drank some good wines.

Edie Jarolim and I visited Bonnie at the Pillsbury Vineyard in Kansas Settlement once. What a schlep that was but the grounds were beautiful…far from the maddening crowd and I could see how she loved the solitude of it and becoming friends with the local wine celebrities. It was her dream come true.

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to live our dreams or we don’t take that advantage of doing so. At least Bonnie did for a few years. She will be missed by many, myself included, as she always ALWAYS had an upbeat post on Facebook even during her silent pain and suffering.


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