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Tucson, Some Like It Hot

Tucson, Some Like It Hot

Tucson trendy restaurant
Huevos Rancheros at Five Points Restaurant

Yeah. A number of publications recently discovered Tucson charms so just maybe it’s a summer destination for many. Some  like it hot.

The Phoenix New Times compared Tucson to Venice Beach: “Tucson, long considered the Venice Beach of Arizona with its laid-back vibe, seems to see a notable new eating establishment pop up weekly.”

Having lived in Venice Beach for five years, I would beg to differ but that was a long time ago when Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out on Muscle Beach and not yet famous except in his own mind.

The Terminator aside, the PHX New Times embraces our restaurant scene proclaiming it better than ever and about seven degrees cooler.

The New York Magazine urges its readers to come to Tucson for a weekend getaway. According to, “the Old Pueblo is the Southwest’s next foodie destination.” Let’s hope so. I wonder how many direct flights there are from NYC to TUS?

trendy Tucson restaurant
Bellini at Agustin Kitchen

Agustin Kitchen gets a nice mention as does the Mission Garden. While our beer scene went unnoticed, Southern Arizona’s grapes boast higher elevations and a tour company to get you from here to there.

Last week, New York Times captured the mostly good and somewhat challenged about “Tucson, an unsung architectural oasis” in an article about 20th century architecture. The reporter clearly did his homework and, of course, man cannot live without eating at Chaffin’s Family Restaurant, Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe and Five Points Restaurant.

So, if you’re having a staycation this year or want to be adventurous, consider some of these sightseeing and dining ideas. Stay hot.

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